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Constant Team Collaboration of Narrative

  • 1 h
  • $649/week
  • Variable Depending on Best Realities

Service Description

Custom Integration with Existing Systems & Teams Minimum investment of $5,500 - my expertise of the Client's & Client's Team(s) needs & expectations grow stronger & more aware & efficient with the experience of time & communication. Includes... + Ongoing project using custom integration based on current realities with Client's existing Teams, usually but not limited to: Management, Public Relations, Marketing/Distribution, Social Media, et al. + 3, 2-hour Hire Discussions in-person (preferred, if possible) or via Zoom/Skype/phone, covering the Client’s current image, as well as ethos, goals, attributes, events, products, collaborations & market/audience demographics, to identify & determine the current & ongoing narrative deliverables that are expected. + Sections/articles/posts (et al. words) equivalent to 10 pages of content providing the narrative for each Team as agreed upon are delivered per month; these are broken down into flow/medium based on the formulas previously identified in the Hire Discussions. + 1-2 hours of Discovery Discussions every week with Client/Client’s Reps/Management/Team; this is at the Client’s discretion/scheduling availability - whatever time is not spent in discussion is put toward creating narrative the best possible without further direct insights. + A minimum of once every 6 months I will travel to or with the client to engage in Discovery Discussions in-person, & to absorb the realities of their everyday business. + Most elements of Discovery Discussions are what suits the Client's personal preferences/schedule needs best - these are extremely malleable. + Narratives are delivered on schedule to the Team(s) as agreed on in Hire Discussions. + Edits are done as requested/needed within the weekly working time restraints in line with Hire Discussions. + More hours for specific events, product launches, collaborations, media, etc. are available. + Further add-on’s using my trusted network of professionals are always available at varying costs. IE: photography for copyrighted images, marketing strategy, website design & build-out, ongoing management of all these, etc. Project includes 100% copyrights for use across all collateral & advertisement needs.

Contact Details

+ 1 310 869 0946

Billie Proffitt, Writing Consultant, North Doheny Drive, West Hollywood, CA, USA

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