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Ken M, Melbourne - Author & Art Historian

I worked with Miss Billie Proffitt on many projects while she was living in Australia. Her interests are wide; she is self-motivated, passionate and an expert in the contemporary arts world, understanding the particularities of this industry. Billie was a driving force while organising events and exhibitions dealing with emerging and established artists. Her administration, curatorial and computer skills are outstanding and she can deliver a professional and engaging product. Above all, Billie is a very good public speaker and an excellent author. She does get the job done.

with Billie

Above are testimonials of previous clients, and below are reviews of Billie Proffitt's book Dirty Thirty.

"This book is a must-read for any woman trying to answer important life questions. The author gives her life advice as the 30 lessons she learned by 30 and weaves her life adventures into a compelling tale of love & loss while she pursues her dreams throughout the global. This is Eat, Love, Pray for millennials with more heart and more authenticity."

"What a great storyteller. Billie's life adventures are so eventful and with so many changes in her story as she grows and lives, I experience life through her writings."

"Ms Proffitt has lived and captured a vivid, emotionally charged, fearless story, that at some points is unbelievable in its dramatic arcs and tragic ends to relationships. She is bluntly honest about fears, doubts, vengeance and what she has learned in her 30 years on earth. A page-turner that every young woman should read. It's like Sex and the City meets Girls, meets Around the World in 80 Days and has wisdom on every page.

What Ms Proffitt has captured, that so many people fail to, is a sense that life's imperfections are what makes life worth living, and that despite extreme disappointment and heartbreak and treachery, she isn't going to let anything stop her from living her authentic and best self.

The book is structured into 30 chapters, each highlighting a life lesson. There is graphic material, and bluntness, but don't let that distract you from the deeper meaning and love that appears on every page."

VoyageLA - Inspiring Stories From Hollywood

October 14, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce you to Billie Proffitt.

Billie, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Our company was born out of the passion and love that believes focusing on our idyllic dreams and the actions necessary to bring them to life will shape a better, more compassionate world in the process. Every soul has an important role in this world that can easily be suppressed or lost but must be followed through the darkness and the light toward fulfillment, so we create entertainment content rooted in intrinsic accountability and support that focuses on informally educational relationships through our storytelling.

We inspire empathy.

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