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What I do...


I am a writer, researcher, and producer who believes in education, accountability, and that clear communication has the power to overcome conflict and stagnancy thus building my clients' best businesses as we also create a better version of the world we all share.


I discuss and work through the creative process with artists of different mediums, identifying and strategically choosing the words needed to elevate their work, their impact, and to cultivate and have agency over their narrative, breaking down barriers and manifesting the career and business achievements they and their management team desires.

With my support, creatives own their authentic identity and communicate their true value in their work while management & marketing teams receive specific, tailored copy - increasing ROIs across the board.

I ask pertinent questions that inspire and evoke your authentic thoughts and feelings - and then I turn them into the most accurate words for you to share in whatever medium suits your needs best.

These come in the forms of specific projects, business plans, bio's and digital narratives, personal correspondence, the copy in marketing plans, speeches, directions, and systems for those you employ... but these are only some mediums in which my deliverables are presented. I work with your individual needs to create and implement problem-solving strategies that you believe in.

Like John Wooden said,

“It’s amazing what can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.”

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